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STEM Teachers ' Meeting in Turkey

Last week, in the middle of spring break, the STEM teachers from Le Sallay Academy and Le Sallay Dialogue met in Turkey where we have just wrapped up the in-person session of Le Sallay International Academy.

Both schools follow our own STEM curriculum, which draws from classical Russian education tradition that puts a heavy emphasis on mathematics and sciences. This tradition has contributed to the success of engineers and scientists from post-Soviet countries that have helped shape the Silicon valley. Our STEM team has developed a comprehensive curriculum and we felt that now was a good time to take a look at our progress and the ways we can further adapt our program to the needs of the diverse student body.

Our science and math teachers reflected on the last year’s achievements, exchanged best practices, discussed various methods, perspectives, and tools, analysed the work done so far, and mapped out a strategy for moving forward. The event was both engaging and useful: we have confirmed that both schools are fully on track in following our plans for STEM development and we took this occasion to develop a blueprint for next year. And, of course, it was great for everyone to have a break at the beautiful Mediterranean coast.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that we still have open teaching positions at both at Le Sallay Academy and our Russian-language Le Sallay Dialogue school.