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Our advantages
It’s been two year since we started implementing blended learning at the Le Sallay Academy. The results that we have are truly inspiring. By combining a highly-effective online learning environment with in-person study sessions, we managed to make a real difference in our students lives. Our students’ progress and their parents’ excitement at seeing the changes in their kids are a great reward.
How do we do it?
★ Le Sallay Academy has a unique blended learning model: each academic year has six months of online learning and four three-week in-person sessions.
★ Our team includes experienced educators, tutors, and school counselors well-versed in online education, as well in supporting children with diverse learning needs.
★ We keep the class size small with 3 to 6 children per class to ensure an individualized approach. We take into account every child’s learning goals and optimal compatibility to ensure that classes are evenly matched.
★ Our curriculum combines Common Core, British and IB subjects with personalized learning plans. We introduce additional subjects and go deeper than the standard curriculum to keep our students motivated and engaged.
★ We prepare our graduates for all the mandatory exams (including ISEE, SSAT, GCSE, and country-specific tests).
★ We aim to cater to each child’s personality, learning style and study goals. At the start of each academic year, we develop individualized learning plans and set individual goals.
★ Our in-person sessions bring all the kids together for three weeks to socialize with their peers and teachers. This is crucial for supporting online studies and helping students develop new skills and sustain motivation.
★ We promote inclusive education. We welcome kids with special educational needs, and our educators have qualifications that allow them to apply new teaching methods.
★ If a child’s family has to move frequently, they no longer have to change schools. At Le Sallay Academy, they can learn from anywhere in the world. We use state-of-the-art technology so that our pupils could get the best education possible wherever they live.
★ We have a comprehensive tutoring system. Every child has regular meetings with their personal adviser to discuss their progress, share concerns and get support. The parents don’t have to worry about their child’s mental state or how well they bond with their peers. We stay on top of things and help our students feel their best.
★ Our goal is to help each pupil learn and grow to the best of their ability, whenever they live and whoever they are.
Sometimes finding the right school takes time, but even if you have to change schools in the middle of the year - staying in the wrong lane is simply not worth it. We provide full support to all of our new arrivals to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible.
We have a rolling admissions policy.