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The new school year has begun!
We're all together again, and not just anywhere: we're at our favorite Château Le Sallay, the castle to which our school owes its very name. The first in-person session of the 2021-2022 academic year kicked off on September 11, and we're very happy to see our students!

Back in spring, we realized that our enrollment figures were going to increase the next academic year, so in summer, we significantly expanded our faculty. Meet Cila Warncke, our new English & world literature teacher. Other newcomers include Daniel Shubow, who will be teaching math, Dr. Evelyn Aremu, who will be our science teacher, our new French teacher Angélique Aristondo, and history teacher Jelena Jarić. Dr. Melinda Rice will be the head of our humanities department. And we're very proud to announce historian, journalist, and a Time 100 honoree Niall Ferguson will be a member of our advisory board.

What else awaits us in the new academic year?

Our students usually take six to seven 45-minute lessons a day, separated by several 10-minute recesses and larger lunch breaks. During class, kids study in a variety of ways: we offer group sessions, frontal instruction, individual classes, and various tests and exams.

As for leisure, our dream team of counselors has prepared an entire program featuring outdoor activities, quizzes, and tabletop games; besides, school clubs will be available as always. The vast grounds of Chateau Le Sallay and the opportunities it offers help us create the ambiance of a private boarding school which nevertheless is imbued with a spirit of equality, curiosity, and open-mindedness.

And of course, we're focused on our students' safety and take all the necessary Covid-19 prevention measures.

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