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Dr. Melinda Rice will be the head of our humanities department
We are happy to announce Dr. Melinda Rice will be the head of our humanities department. A native of Seattle, Washington, Melinda earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Seattle University. She resided in France for a long time, teaching English at a local university, before moving back to the U.S. Prior to becoming a part of Le Sallay’s team, Melinda taught European history at the University of Mississippi. She is very experienced in teaching gifted students, having spent two summers with Duke University Talent Identification Program working with middle-schoolers in India and one summer at the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth in Hong Kong. Mindy has been a part of Le Sallay Academy since its foundation. Here is her take on her work as a history teacher: 

“I’m fascinated by how people across time have solved the same problems but in different ways. One historian described the study of history as a laboratory of human experience. When I was at university I was struggling over what to major in, Literature, Art History, Political Science, or Philosophy. But I realized that history covered all of these topics. It was the only field that could look at the entirety of the human experience. I loved that. Studying the past gives us new questions to ask that help illuminate, and perhaps offer new solutions, to current issues. I think it's important to realize that history is not a series of facts to be memorized but a series of debates. And of course, there are always the truly unusual, bizarre, and funny stories that illustrate how unique human beings are, not always for the best. These are the stories you keep in your back pocket when you sense students are losing interest and you want to spark their curiosity and sense of wonder”. 

And now Mindy became the head of Le Sallay’s humanities department. We’d like to thank Doctor Rice for her work, and reiterate our confidence that our humanities domain is in good hands!