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Le Sallay Academy is coming to the U.S.: we’re opening a school in America!
It’s true: we really are opening a Le Sallay school in the U.S.

★ Why are we doing this?

We are aware many parents living in the U.S. don’t feel comfortable sending their kids in Europe: COVID-19 travel restrictions as well as jet lag make such journeys exhausting. That’s why we’ve decided to open a campus in the U.S.

★ What exactly does ‘opening a campus’ mean?

We’re following a blended learning model, meaning we come together for a three-week in-person session four times a year, with three two-month online sessions in-between. Once we open a campus in the U.S., kids and teachers living in the U.S. will no longer have to cross the Atlantic to take part in an in-person session, as they do now.

★ When are we planning to open the campus?

We’re expecting it to become operational by the academic year 2022-2023. So, the first in-person session there will take place sometime in late August 2022.

★ Where will it be opened?

We’re currently searching for a place that would match the following description: a large site suitable for accommodating 50 to 60 people for three weeks, complete with classrooms and well-meaning managers. We’re looking for a Central U.S. location, preferably in relative proximity to a major airport. If you think you know such a place, feel free to reach us at office@lesallay.academy.

★ What kind of curriculum will your American school have?

The same kind we have now, including math, science, history, geography, literature, English, social studies, and foreign languages. Classes are English; the age range of students is from 10 to 14 (late elementary to middle school). If you’d like to have a closer look at our programs and yearly hours, visit our website. (But do keep in mind we will probably make some changes for the U.S.).

★ What should I do to get my kid into your school?

You can reach us by email or submit an application. We’ll be in touch shortly and answer any questions you may have.

★ What’s the tuition fee?

The total annual tuition fee at Le Sallay International Academy is currently $40,000. As for our American school, we won’t sign off on the fees until we find a site for our U.S. campus, but there are some things we can say right now:

• We provide scholarships and financial aid. We’re planning to adapt our scholarship system for our American school in order to better take into account various factors (including family income, academic performance, etc.).

• Those who are ready to apply right now will be able to take advantage of substantial early bird discounts.

★ What can we do to help you?

We’re looking for teachers in the U.S. for our new campus, so if you would like to join us or can recommend someone, reach us at office@lesallay.academy.

If we hire someone you recommended, and that person stays with us after the probationary period, you’ll receive a referral bonus:
• a free ticket for two for one program at the Chateaulogy educational project (the programs take place at Château Le Sallay in France), or
• a 50% discount for a session at the Marabou educational camp for children aged 10 to 14, or
• a five-day stay at Château Le Sallay.

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