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Help your child reach their personal best
"A pioneer in blended learning education" (Forbes) -- Le Sallay International Academy is an innovative independent school for children aged 10-14. Our academically advanced curriculum combines best international practices with an interdisciplinary approach to teaching.

At Le Sallay 5 weeks of online learning alternate with 3-week in-person sessions in France in an XVII-century Le Sallay castle in Burgundy (or during COVID in other countries). We guarantee high-quality education to every child independent of where they are located.

We specialize in helping middle-school students improve academic
skills and prepare for highly selective high schools
How is Le Sallay Academy different from other schools
Innovative blended learning
Blended learning is very different from online education. We do not have "one size fits all' video lectures or one-way assignments. Our teachers conduct live lessons in small virtual classrooms where all participants are fully engaged. Our students live at home, preserving a close family bond, but at the same time have ample opportunities for building social skills and meaningful relationships with their peers during in-person sessions. More about our approach>
Advanced interdisciplinary curriculum
Our academically rigorous curriculum is built with learning standards in mind (Common Core, IB, British) but we do not model our program after a single national system. We avoid focusing on a single viewpoint, opting instead to welcome the traditions of many peoples and nations. Our approach to learning is based on developing critically important skills, such as conceptual thinking and creative problem-solving. More about the curriculum>
Individual learning plans
At Le Sallay every student has an individual learning plan that takes into account their education goals. Students have regular meetings with their personal advisors to assess progress and address challenges. We guarantee that every student will not only be able to pass the national examinations in their countries but also have the best chance at getting into a high school of their choice.
Our Students

In the school year 2020-21, we have had students from 10 different countries.

Our graduates have successfully passed the national examinations in their countries of residence and were accepted to some of their country's leading high schools, among them

  • York School in Monterey, CA (USA)
  • King Edward's School, Witley (UK)
  • Athenian School in San-Francisco, CA (USA)

Le Sallay has excellent teachers. Ollie reports that he loves his math. It is a lot more advanced than his usual curriculum. History has been amazing and is another favorite. I appreciate that there is a broader focus as compared to a standard US curriculum. In science, they manage to perform experiments with items readily available at home. In general, there is an active and lovely discussion in every subject and class. I have peace of mind that my child is learning.

Nadejda Priadko
New York, USA

We haven't regretted our choice for a second. Ilga loves Le Sallay, her teachers, and her classmates. She is always enthusiastic about History and Sciences, how much she has learned. And of course, we really appreciate that at this very difficult time, the Academy is doing everything to organize face-to-face sessions and give children and teachers an opportunity for real-life side-by-side collaboration.

Natalia Kats
Boston, USA

Le Sallay Academy is the best thing that has happened to my son in all of his school life. The teachers are open-minded and focused on helping students get curious about every subject and every part of the learning process. The whole team is ready to motivate, engage and encourage the kids. My son feels heard, understood, and appreciated. This injection of awareness and respect has been incredibly important for his growth.

Maria Graciov
Cetona, Italy
Our school is a great fit for

Students in need of environment that supports their motivation and desire to learn

Students in middle school often struggle with motivation. Gifted students find themselves insufficiently challenged, while students with unusual learning styles are constricted by standardized approaches. If your child is feeling disengaged in their school, — at Le Sallay they will rediscover the love of learning. We make sure that students who felt like they did not fit in at their previous school receive the full support and encouragement needed to build meaningful relationships.
Students planning to enroll in a highly selective school
We help students achieve their educational goals and prepare them for admission to the high school of their choice. Our comprehensive approach eliminates any need for out-of-school tutoring. Le Sallay advisors and teachers build customized learning plans designed to help students pass entrance exams and demonstrate the required level of knowledge.

Students with diverse learning needs

Children with diverse learning needs such as ADHD/ADD, learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, as well as twice-exceptional kids, are often struggling in a "traditional" setting. Our school is geared towards a more differentiated approach to education, and the students with different learning styles are fully supported by our team of psychologists and teachers.

Expats and travelers

Wherever your family is, your child can continue their studies with us. We primarily work with children who are focused on continuing education within the framework of the British or American education systems. However, for most countries, we also guarantee that our students will be able to pass their national exams after graduating from our school.
How to Apply
Enrollment Requirements
We have rolling admissions, meaning that you can apply at any time during the year. We can accommodate transfer students both in the fall and spring semesters but we generally expect the student to attend an on-site session before joining the online studies.  
  • 10-14 years old at the time of enrollment
  • English language at A2 level or higher (B1 preferred). Non-native English speakers are required to pass an English test.
  • Must be willing to complete placement tests
  • Must be able to attend online classes (4-5 a day in accordance with the customized schedule) and in-person sessions (4 sessions a year, requiring travel to another country or out of state).
We have a limited number of partial tuition scholarships for parents who can not afford full tuition.

We are also currently accepting applications for a full-tuition scholarship for a student interested in history and humanities.
Our Team
We pride ourselves on giving parents and students full support at every step of the learning process. Learn about our founders and teachers below. For the full list of our teaching staff, visit Our Team page.
Sergey Kuznetsov
Sergey Kuznetsov is a prominent writer and journalist, a Knight Journalism Stanford University Fellow. He resides in France. Sergey has extensive experience in running educational projects for children and adults.
Ekaterina Kadieva
Ekaterina Kadieva is an EFTA-certified therapist and psychologist interested in child-centered approaches to education. She resides in France and manages the Le Sallay castle programs.
Matthew McConnell, PhD
Head of Humanities
With a Ph.D. from Cornell University, specialization in English Literature, and many years of teaching experience Matthew McConnel helps shape our multidisciplinary approach to teaching humanities.
Melinda Rice, PhD
Melinda Rice always finds unique ways to help her students develop critical thinking skills and a deep understanding of the history of human thought. Melinda has a Ph.D. from UCLA where she specialized in XVIII century French history.
Yan Rauch
Head of STEM
Yan Rauch uses the proven methods of Russian Maths education to help students see the beauty in maths and sciences. His experience in training Maths Olympics teams and building programs for gifted students helps him design unconventional and highly effective STEM curriculum.
Anna Kadieva
Executive Director
Anna holds two Sorbonne degrees, specializing in cinematography, linguistics, and cultural project management. She is the glue that holds the educational process at Le Sallay together.
Yulia Sorokina
Diverse Learning Coordinator, Teacher of Math
Yulia has a Masters's degree in Special Education from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is a coordinator of special education programming and a math interventionist, helping students with diverse learning needs achieve their full potential.
Olga Baley
Languages Instructor
Professional interpreter and a specialist in art history Olga Baley teaches French and Spanish to non-native speakers.
Our Partners
What is the tuition fee?
Annual tuition includes boarding fees for in-person sessions is 35,000€ (transportation to Le Sallay or other in-person session locations is not included).

We offer discounts for early birds, merit discounts for gifted children, and discounts for families who enroll more than one child.

We also have a number of partial tuition scholarships for families who are unable to meet the cost of full tuition.

Please, contact us at admissions@lesallay.academy or more details.
How are students from different time zones taking classes together?
We ensure that the schedule is convenient and efficient. Some students prefer to begin their day with schoolwork and sports, and do best when they can take classes in the afternoon. Most importantly, different children concentrate better at different times of the day, a fact neglected by ordinary schools.

  • Groups are made up of students with similar knowledge levels located in the same region (within three or four time zones). For example, the first class of the day for residents of England will be the third or fourth class of the day for residents of Moscow.
  • Students are taught in small groups of 4-5.
  • Children living in different time zones will still have the opportunity to work together (through written exchange, the sharing of documents, conference calls at convenient times for all participants, etc.). This preparation for the modern world is yet another advantage of our school.
What about the screen time for the child, given that screens will be necessary for study?
We limit the use of gadgets to an hour per day at in-person sessions.

In an online setting, we transform computers and smartphones from toys into tools ensuring a more mature approach to technology.
How do you deal with different educational requirements imposed by different countries?
We primarily work with children who are focused on continuing education within the framework of the British or American education systems. However, for most countries, we also guarantee that our students will be able to pass their national exams after graduating from our school.

Our curriculum on history and literature is flexible enough to include and appreciate the cultural heritage of our students' native countries. Our teachers strive to give students a deep and systematic knowledge that will allow them to develop an understanding of historical and cultural processes. This makes it relatively easy to incorporate new facts, which students might need to pass national exams, into the existing knowledge system.

The curricula on mathematics and the natural sciences have been constructed in a similar way. In this area, our goal is to give children more in-depth knowledge than most schools world-wide. Thus, we expect no difficulties in passing the national school exams in these subjects.
Why did you set the age range from 10 to 14? Can I enrol my 9-year-old? And how about a 15-year-old?
We had two reasons for limiting the age range.

As a rule, online classes require a level of concentration difficult to master at a younger age. In a rare case, we might accept a younger student, but only after an interview with a psychologist.

As for the highest age margin we are somewhat flexible. We are primarily focused on the British education system, where students usually complete the first part of secondary school by the age of 16. If the student enters our school at 14 they have two years to prepare for the next level entrance exams. However, in some countries, students enter high school at a different age (14 years in the US, 15 in some European and some Asian countries). If the parents expect the child to pass their high-school exam at this age, we usually insist that the student is enrolled into our Academy at least two academic years in advance so that there is enough time to prepare.
Which curriculum do you follow?
Public schools in America and Europe focus on standardized testing: teachers rarely deviate from Common Core and critical thinking skills are given less attention. Kids are often overtested. Le Sallay students will be able to pass the tests, but our focus is on developing critical thinking and cross-subject knowledge.

Le Sallay's humanities program is modeled on several national curricula, and we incorporate works from many countries. We are proud of our identity as an international school, and seek to avoid focusing on any one culture or viewpoint. Parents should feel confident that their children will be prepared for the standardized tests of their respective home countries, while at the same time encountering a breadth of instruction.

As part of our math curriculum, students at Le Sallay will develop a strong understanding of numbers theory, beginning with rational numbers and eventually understanding binary notation, which is one of the foundations in computer science. Our mathematicians begin with the fundamentals of geometry and lead the student into trigonometry. Students will master graph theory, along with advanced concepts such as the probabilistic nature of statistical data. We will also explore the game theory, which is the basis of thinking in economics.

Our math curriculum aims to prepare students for success in high school, college, and future career paths. It incorporates the American Common Core, British, IB, and Russian math standards. Thus, students will be fully prepared for standardized testing in their home countries but also become critical thinkers and innovators of our future.

Our study plan includes:

  • Mathematics
  • Science: physics, chemistry, biology
  • History and geography
  • Literature
  • Art and art history
  • English (for foreign and native speakers)
  • Other languages (French and Spanish at first, more in the future)
  • Additional electives such as creative writing
In accordance with the requirements of students' home countries, additional classes in their native language and national literature and history may be included. There will be tests at the end of each year and at intermediate stages.
What is the structure of online classes? How heavy is the workload?
We aim for maximum productivity by making sure that our online classes:
  • Combine group classes and homework - both individually and in teams*
  • Our teachers are well-versed in online learning and have developed methods for engaging students in virtual classroom
  • We limit the groups to 3-5 students per class

Online classes and homework amount to approximately 8 -9 academic hours per day. The workload of a 14-year-old will be greater than that of a 10-year-old. We start with 4-6 hours of online classes. Teaching staff and counsellors determine the optimal workload and study goals for each student. Consultations for parents are available.
How do in-person sessions work?
Students travel to Le Sallay castle in Burgundy (or another location during the COVID-related restrictions) 4 times a year and stay there for three weeks. In addition to classes, tests, and project work in-person sessions also have a multitude of activities, including team games, skill-building exercises, sports, and celebrations.

Every in-persons session is structured in such a way as to help students advance in their studies and strengthen their bond with their classmates and teachers in order to help them stay focused and motivated. 
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