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Results of the year 2021
Customarily schools tend to look back at their performance at the end of the academic year, but we decided that the end of the calendar year is a good time to share what we have achieved in 2021. Here are the main takeaways of the progress we’ve made during this challenging year:

★ Unlike last year, all three of our on-site sessions went ahead as scheduled. It was three countries (USA, Turkey, and France) instead of one, but it all worked out in the end.
★ Our team is growing and we are happy to welcome new teachers Evelyn Aremu, Angélique Aristondo, Cila Warncke, Maria Olmsted, Jelena Jarić, and Anna Finko as well as our new lead of academics Aleka Molokova to Le Sallay!
★ This year we have awarded one full and several partial merit-based scholarships and we are looking forward to announcing more in 2022.
★ Importantly, we have introduced several long-term initiatives aimed at improving our students’ understanding of school matters and at involving teachers in the essential process of updating the school curriculum.
★ Our team participated in several educational conferences and hosted an open house,
★ It was great to be acknowledged on a global level: we were thrilled to see that Forbes magazine named Le Sallay Academy a pioneer in blended learning for pre-teens.
★ Finally (for now), we were extremely honored to welcome Inessa Rifkin and Niall Ferguson as our Advisory Board members!
The school year goes on and we wish you all an amazing 2022 full of joy and harmony which are crucial for any success (educational, professional, or other). Stay tuned and enjoy your winter break!