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In-person session at the Le Sallay Academy
As we enter our Christmas break at the Le Sallay Academy it’s time to look back at the first half of the academic year.
20 December 2020

Even though our school is well equipped for online learning, the uncertainty related to the pandemic has impacted us as well. Instead of starting our school year with a customary in-person session in France, we had a longer than usual period of online learning. So when we decided to bring together our students and staff for the in-person session in December, it was a welcome change.

Many countries have imposed travel restrictions, so we had to plan carefully and find the safest way to organize a two-week study session without compromising on quality. In the end, we decided to divide our diverse student body into two groups and have two in-person sessions! Many Europe-based students (from five different countries) traveled to Moscow and the rest, including the US-based students, came to Massachusetts. We chose locations fully equipped for the two weeks of classes, games, quests, and fun. All of this with full attention to all the necessary precautions and safety regulations.

We are happy to report that our plan worked! The on-site sessions are all about learning, of course, but they are also about creating emotional connections and developing social skills. This is why the schedule is jam-packed with all kinds of activities. Every day there are classes where we take the opportunity to conduct science experiments and collaborative exercises that are difficult to do at home. We also have time for games, creative adventures, and sports.

This year we have many new students attending their first-ever in-person session at the Le Sallay Academy. This is what their parents had to say,

“Thank you so much! Our girl couldn’t be happier. On the way back she was talking non-stop for hours. She had so much to say about the great things she did at the school and how much fun she had. Considering that the very idea of having an in-person session at a time like this seemed almost surreal, I am very impressed by your team’s dedication, all the support, and excellent organization ”.

“Thank you! My son is full of emotions. He is already counting the days until the next on-site session… We got exactly what was promised to us. David is thoroughly enjoying all of his classes, he is motivated to learn and he loves his new friends!”

We are very grateful to all of our students, their parents, and our team for trusting us and making this experience such a success. We will have two more in-person sessions before June next year, but for now, we are back to our online classes.