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The first on-site session of 2021 in the castle has ended

The first in-person session of the 2021-2022 academic year at Château Le Sallay, the castle which gave its name to our school, is over. This session was a big event for us, because it was the first time since spring 2020 we managed to get together in France. We had missed the chateau, and the chateau had missed us.

This time, we took aboard an entire cadre of new instructors, including teachers of English, world literature, science, French, and history. And our superb counselors really outdid themselves and provided numerous extracurricular activities to suit any taste.

First thing after arriving, we made sure we all tested negative for COVID-19. After receiving the results, we all hoorayed and instantly set to work writing the Academy’s Constitution which was a most difficult task. We previously posted a video of the kids reciting its articles, but in case you missed, here it is. (link)

We had other important things to do, of course, most notably classes – but in our school, classes are usually as engaging and informal as leisure time at other schools. We spend a lot of time outdoors, and our biology classes involve live cows, frogs, and trees which grow in our huge park.

We learn the laws of physics by building treehouses, and we combine English literature with drama classes by staging Hamlet.

At Le Sallay Academy, gym class is not just the regular exercise, but also archery contests, camping trips and medieval balls.

And, naturally, at our school kids always have an opportunity to find friends with similar interests and hobbies. This year, some kids joined our chess club, others published our first wall newspaper, while yet others knitted Hogwarts-style scarves. We have also held an art exhibit, hosted numerous birthday parties, and, of course, roasted marshmallows over campfires like so many times before. We actually wanted to include an article about it in our Constitution, stating that ‘every student must roast a marshmallow over a campfire at least once for an in-person session’, but we ultimately decided that it would work better as one of our academy’s secret rules.

Now that everyone is back home, we are looking forward to the next in-person session which starts in late November. In the meantime, while our experiences are still fresh in the mind and not yet transformed into memories, we’d like to share some photos!