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Determining your child's language proficiency
A guide for self-assessment
31 MAY / 2019
Le Sallay being an international school with most subjects taught in English, we've noticed that many of applicants' parents are concerned about the required language proficiency and whether their child will be able to perform at required level. Here we are to help:

First of all our prospect students that have not attended international school or have not taken any of the standard English proficiency tests will participate in online interview with native speakers who will assess their their language skills and confirm that the child will thrive at Le Sallay.

In addition to that Matthew MсСonnell (our Head of Humanities) has prepared this simple scheme for self-assessment:

"Students at Le Sallay should be able to function without ambiguity at an A2 level, independent of any help. They should preferably be transitioning to B1, or there already. B2 would be considered advanced, and C1 and above are unnecessary. We have adapted some descriptions of the A1-C2 grading scale used by the CEFR. Take a look".
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