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Le Sallay Academy Scholarship Announced
Le Sallay Academy announces the call for applications for Full Scholarship program 2019/2020.
25 MAY / 2019
Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to offer a few places with full scholarship for 2019/2020 school year, and we have decided to use it to support kids in regions of Russia regions who can benefit most from Le Sallay's approach to education.

The program entitles the student to free tuition during the whole academic year as well as cost of travel for the on-site sessions. The program is funded by private charitable donations.

Who can participate - kids of 10-14 living in Russia outside of Moscow, Moscow region and St Petersburg from families that cannot afford the cost of tuition.
Students should have an English proficiency level of at least A2 and preferably B1.
To participate parents have to mail the Application form on or before 30.06.19 to admissions@lesallay.academy

Le Sallay Academy is based on a blended learning model: four in-person sessions alternate with online learning sessions. Each of trimesters opens with a three week in-person session during which students and teachers meet in France. Following these sessions students spend two months learning online with their teachers and classmates.
In teaching math and science we are guided by the Russian tradition of specialized schools and youth working groups. In the humanities we follow Anglo-American tradition with a focus on world literature and history.

Most of subjects are taught in English, for Russian speaking children, it is also possible to take additional courses in Russian.
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